In The Game of Life,
It's Your Turn
In the game of life, it's your move. It always is.

What are you going to do with it?

The answer to that simple question will reveal your odds of winning, as well as the degree of
self-mastery you have over your own life.

Winning the game of life - and having true self-mastery - involves a simple process similar to that involved in playing any other type of game.


To Enjoy the Safest And Most Effective Use of Herbal Aphrodisiacs, Read This First
The good news is that aphrodisiacs do indeed exist, and they are capable of giving you extraordinary experiences - perhaps, if you're lucky, beyond your wildest imagination. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as taking a few capsules every day and living happily ever after.

Major and Minor Health Concerns

Yes, we know it may seem somewhat boring or disappointing to begin a conversation about aphrodisiacs by focusing on potential negatives. However, the simple fact is that herbal aphrodisiacs have the possibility of threatening both your health and your happiness if you don't move forward with sufficient caution.

Please be assured that this goes beyond the familiar cautions that we are not presenting medical advice here and you should consult a doctor before you begin any program that could impact your health. There are real issues here that should be taken seriously.

For example, horny goat weed is said to have many of the same properties as Viagra, only, according to some experts, it has about 1/50 of the strength. Regardless of its lesser strength, this means that horny goat weed should perhaps be avoided if you have any of the medical conditions that make Viagra risky. Similarly, if you have high blood pressure, certain herbs, such as rhumania should be avoided. And, if you have low blood pressure, you'll need to be cautious with lycium, since it can potentially drop blood pressure substantially.

Of course, it can be almost impossible to find a doctor who knows anything about herbs, so the very best advice we can give you, especially if you have any serious medicals conditions, is to carefully research the herbs before you begin experimenting on yourself.

You should also be aware that many of these herbs can affect other aspects of your physical and emotional well-being. To grossly simplify, using the Chinese concept of yin and yang, herbs can be thought of as gas (yin) and flames (yang). The goal, essentially, is to keep yin and yang in balance, but this balance depends both on the herbs you take and your own physical constitution - whether you tend to be more yin or yang to begin with.

If you experience too much yang, you may experience symptoms such as unusual anger, tenseness or irritability, dryness of the skin, hair or mouth, or feeling like your body is racing or over stimulated. Not surprisingly, too much yang may be revealed by such things as frequent sluggishness, mindlessness, skin blemishes or congestion. No one can predict what symptoms you may personally experience, so it's up to you to monitor any and all changes to your mental, physical and emotional well-being before they get out of hand.

Keep A Diary
There are two excellent reasons for you to maintain a health diary for however long you experiment with aphrodisiacs. First, it will help to make you more aware of any changes in your physical, mental or emotional well-being as discussed above. Secondly, it will make your experience far more effective and enjoyable.

You may think that you'll clearly remember what herb or combination of herbs made you the horniest you've ever been in your life, or which ones had adverse effects on you, but a couple of months from now you'll be lucky to remember anything more than vague generalizations. Plus, as you learn more about the herbs and your reactions to them, you'll benefit a tremendous amount by being able to look back at earlier experiences and question conclusions that you made that may or may not be justified. Without a diary, every time you make a change in your regimen, you'll essentially be starting over from scratch. Be smart, keep a diary so that you can move forward intelligently and effectively. You'll miss out on a lot of fun and pleasure if you don't.
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